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Golden Artist Educator - Helen AHA - undervisar i akvarell, akryl, hållbar konst. Akvarellkurs, akrylkurs, konstskola

Workshops 2021 and ahead

Fri January 29th

Moments to reflect

1-3pm EST 19-21:00 CET

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Online through ZOOM

Join artists Micah Goguen from Central Georgia and Helen AHA from Helsingborg Sweden as we gather to hold space once a month for this mixed media art journaling class. This is a time and space for sharing learned techniques, new ideas and inspiring one another as we capture our daily lives on pages. Micah and Helen will each introduce a new technique or product every month to help you cultivate new ideas and explore in a safe place. This class is for those who have already been through Micah’s intro to art journaling courses either online or in group.
Be sure to verify or check time zones for your area. This is 1-3pm EST in the USA. If in Sweden, it is Stockholm (CEST +1) 19:00-21:00. Cost is $25 each session. 


Workshops on demand - minimum participants 3, maximum 8

  Online e-courses and workshops available below  
  Mandala Online! 18:00-20:00 200 SEK
Mandala with roses- online!

In this workshop you will get an outline that Helen created. Please apply it to the media of your choice pior to class if you intend to color along side with Helen. You can also just hang out and watch and add color of your choice later if you prefer to.
Registration fee includes access to video recording.

Supply list: Some watercolor pencils of choice and a medium. Helen uses Derwent watercolor pencils and GOLDEN Super Matte Medium. We will probably add some acrylic color as well. - in this psarticular workshop the same colortheme is recommended.
Any favourite brushes of choice.

  Layer on layer in acrylics- online! 17:30-19:30 300 SEK
Paint your own Elvis jr- online!

Let´s look at this thing called layering in acrylics - How do I do it? How can I get depth into my paintings? - Follow this step by step video and paint your own Elvis Jr in layers- and the best part - do it from the comfort of your home as many times as you like!.
I will be at the other end of your computer answering questions you might have while trying this way of painting.

The workshops is 2 hours, but you will get access to the video prior to class and can try it all out and then bring your questions to class!
Registration fee includes access to video recording.

  Watercolor ground e-course PDF and videos - endulge whenever you have time!
  material not included 800 SEK
  some material material included (+ postage) 1300 SEK
  Complete material included (+ postage) 1800 SEK
  Open studio time 18:00-20:30 250 SEK
250 SEK
300 SEK
350 SEK
400 SEK (A4)
450 SEK (A3)
    Acrylics A-Z
A-Z with GOLDEN at your own pace. 100 SEK
    En AHA upplevelse i Helsingborg!

Lär dig måla med akryl. Allt handlar om färg!

Lördagen den 28 september blir det kurs i akryl.

Måla med akryl workshopen innefattar tekniker som gör akryl lätt att måla med - val av färger - flytande, trög eller långsamtorkande som en olja? - Valet är fritt och ditt!

Vad är ditt uttryck? Vad skulle du vilja måla? Vad är din stil? Helen hjälper dig hitta ditt uttryck.

Se denna dag som en utmärkt prova på dag för att se om det här med akryl är något för dig! Vill du sen fördjupa dina kunskaper så kommer Helen gärna tillbaka och ger dig mer information!

Vi testar att måla med akryl på o uppspänd duk och papper pratar lite om val av stil - abstrakt eller föreställande - färg, svartvitt - alternativen är många!

Passar både nybörjare och dig som vill veta lite mer om vad akryl är och hur det fungerar för att lättare få de effekterna du skulle vilja få fram.

Are you curious about acrylics but not really sure, but want to try, but don´t know what to buy or what to do?
Golden Artist Colors has this box called A-Z that contains just about a little bit of everything. In this video you get to see me try all mediums and colours in the box and hopefully this starts your journey of fun in acrylics - it´s just a matter of starting to try something, somehow.

The box is not included - you will have to get this on your own - easy to order on ....

    Art Journaling - effortless Coming soon...  
    Find a relaxed way of journaling in your style without pressure or anxiety - start an ART journal! A small one, big one - doesn´t matter - as long as you have this place where you can collect all of those nice thoughts, feelings or inspiration of colors - anything!  
    Watercolor online class 17:30-19:45, 6 weeks  
  For students that have completed the grounds in watercolor with Helen - This is not a beginners class.
In this class we paint demostyle and have free assignment evenings.
Coming soon....
On-line Online vlass with video +

Golden Artist Acrylic´s complete guide to acrylics for the people who want to learn it all!
In this series of classes you can expect classes meant to bring you the knowledge you need to paint anything you like in any way that you like. It´s a lot of work definetely worth the time!

On demand - minimum 3 participants, maximum 8  
10:00-15:00 Abstract landscapes,
material not included
900 SEK
17:30-20:00 Färgkurs 2,5h x 3 lekt,
material included
  900 SEK
10:00-16:00 Watercolor pencils Allday   900 SEK
  inkl borrowed pencils, not paper - can be bought at class. 1200 SEK
  Can be made into a 3 part class  
9:30-14:00 Watercolor weekend    
  material not included   1500 SEK
  material included   3000 SEK
18:00-20:00 Try QoR watercolor   300 SEK
Paint in acrylics- try different types of acrylics!material included   1200 SEK
Class information - Sign me up and I´ll come to you - quotation only- travel expences will always be added.
Try out different classes and techniques in any given medium - 2.5, 5 hours.
Akrylic teqhniques workshop - GOLDEN
  Yoga painting class
  It´s all about color
  Private tutoring
Watercolor Watercolor techniques
  Learn to paint from the soul
  Yoga painting class
  It´s all about color
  Private tutoring
  Bachelor/bachlerette - try out painting or drawing
  Minimum fee 1500 SEK+ 50 SEK per person/hour
when booking atleast 10 people/ 2 hours.


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