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Helen AHA Helsingborg

Bild från 2015 Kulturhotellet

Helen - AHA

My vision is to increase the quality of life for people through creative and healthy experiences.

Art has a special place in my heart - whatever art is to me anyways. Art has different meaning to us all and who am I to judge? For me - art is something that comes from deep within the soul, created through compassion and emotions.

When I paint or create I need to feel.. Without emotions my art (creative process) becomes somewhat rigid and lacks expression, therefor I only paint when I really want to paint. Sometimes I want and need to paint 24/7 - sometimes not at all. Many times I replace my twodimensional work to threedimensional - paper mache, clay and or ceramics - the switch always give me even more ideas and works as an inspiration enhancer - both ways!

I paint on commission - and most of the time inspiration comes with the commission - if not, I will simply turn down the commission. I love commissions because they often require me to work outside my own boundaries and new ideas or maybe even problem solving becomes necessity and I have always been inspired by a good challenge!

Painting has been something I did always - on whatever I could get my hands on. Animals intrigued med as a child and I studied their movements and did sketches whenever I thought they might be still for more than 10 seconds. It takes commitment to become great at something so I painted the same subjects over and over and over again - and the more I painted, the bettter the results I got - with less effort!

Creative painting is like meditation to me - complete and utter relaxation - I don´t feel any pressure, rarely have
any type of performance anxiety - I just try to enjoy spending time creating things - no matter what they are. I feel as I evolve in the process of finding the perfect medium for a certain project - I will try different medias until it feels just right - not good or bad - but just right.

Evetuelly the project just feels right - or I decide that I am done! I try to share this way of creating when I teach.


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